The association “SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CENTER” (CDS) is a non-governmental, autonomous and apolitical organization, without patrimonial purpose.


CDS proposed to run the following types of activities:

        Educational activities: training courses, continuing education courses, informational activities


        Cultural activities, to support and promote cultural projectsEnsuring the operation of social assistance programs in the communityCreating and editing books, periodicals, flyers, posters, booklets, software applications and other informative materials that are related to the purpose of the associationCarrying out research, analyses, studies, projects with the purpose of identifying the needs and setting the priorities of social development programsConsultancy for accessing financing resources, especially consultancy for social development programs and projectsEncouraging and supporting the private initiative through the association of centers that ensure quality services for persons at risk of social exclusionSupporting the development of some internships for documentary studies, continuous education and exchanges in the field of humanities and social scienceOrganizing or helping organize colloquies, symposiums and conferences on related themes


      The collaboration with authorities, public institutions, medical centers, international organizations, as well as with other domestic or foreign partners – natural persons and/or legal persons, with the purpose of accomplishing the proposed goalEncouraging to obtain sponsorships, donations, the carrying out of fund raising activitiesPromoting and providing educational programs and professional training programs – qualification, requalification, continuous professional training, specializationOffering a professional, assisted framework of carrying out volunteering programs addressed to the young population with the purpose of guidance, training, continually training, and specialization


  • educație permanentă, formare și specializare;Continuous education, training and specialization;
  • Projects that regards social activities
  • Attracting financing sources that support the proposed goals and objectives
  • Promoting the national culture and traditions
  • The organization of round tables, conferences, symposiums
  • Collaborating with organizations and institutions of the same profile, locally, nationally and internationally
  • Other appropriate activities


The purpose of CDS is to contribute to the sustainable social development of the local, regional and national community by elaborating, promoting, developing and implementing the following types of programs: :

  • Scientific – research and scientific collaboration with partners in the country and abroad, the organization of scientific sessions, debates, round tables, national and international symposiums
  • Cultural – information, mediatization, promoting
  • Instructive – training and continuous training
with an impact at national, European and international level.

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