afis-YIW-resThursday, the 20th of February 2014, a new videoconference within the project YOUTH in WORK, co-financed through the Program ”Youth in Action” of the European Union, taking place in the period January 27th – August 28th 2014, was held. Initiated by the Social Development Center (CDS), it will be implemented both in Iaşi, as well as in Torino, in collaboration with the national partner – The Petre Andrei Academic Foundation in Iaşi and with two transnational partners, two institutions in Italy – INFOR Corsi di Formazione Manageriale Torino and the City Hall of the Commune of San Secondo di Pinerolo.

In the videoconference with the partners in Italy, the coordinates for the experience exchanges that will take place in the months of April and June for the participants in the two countries, Italy and Romania, were established. Also, the last aspects regarding the finalization of the selection of the target group were brought into discussion.
The general objective of the project is to increase the degree of information and the involvement of the young population in problems related to their integration in the labor market in an open and dynamic partnership between organizations in Romania and in Italy, with the involvement of 22 youngsters in the two countries..foto-2

foto-1Of the activities that will take place as part of the project, we mention::

• The selection and training of 5 Romanian volunteers by the Social Development Center and the “Petre Andrei” Academic Foundation and of 3 Italian volunteers by the transnational partners, in order to involve them in the activities of the project
• The selection of the youngsters participating in the project – 14 Romanian and 8 Italian youngsters aged between 18 and 30 years.
• Carrying out of a training program in Iaşi for the 22 youngsters on the theme of accessing the labor market in Romania/Italy and increasing the level of their involvement in debates with relevant institutional factors.
• The organization of exchanges of experience in Romania and in Italy for the participating youngsters in the two countries.
• The carrying out of a mentoring program for participants in the two countries, in order to create the position document entitled “Useful measures for facilitating the access of youngsters to the labor market”
• The organization of a round table in Romania and in Italy for debating the documents created by the two groups of youngsters..

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