The project YOTH IN WORK is financed through the program YOUTH IN ACTION, action 1.3 Projects for democracy and it takes place in the period January 27th – August 28th 2014.GENERAL OBJECTIVE: to increase the degree of information and involvement of youngsters in the problems related to their integration in the labor market, in an open and dynamic partnership between organizations in Romania and Italy.

THE MAIN OBJECTIVES of the project are:
1) The development of the abilities of youngsters with a risk of social exclusion to approach the labor market successfully;
2) The increase of the level of involvement of the youngsters with fewer opportunities in the identification of solutions to fight unemployment;
3) The development of the capacity of youngsters to promote their interests related to the labor market in relation to the public authorities and other relevant actors.

The project answers therefore to the general objectives of the Youth in Action Program, as follows:
– the general objective European Citizenship (YiA-Prio-1) – by making youngsters aware that they are European citizens, encouraging them to reflect on European subjects and get involved in the debate regarding the construction and the future of the European Union, the opportunity to identify common values with other youngsters in different countries, that overcome the cultural differences between them
The general objective YIA – Prio – 61 is supported by the involvement of the youngsters in solving the problems that they face from their perspective as active European citizens (of which they will become better aware of by training, visits to relevant institutions and NGOs from both countries, by the organization of round tables that allow for a direct dialogue of youngsters with local public authorities;
• the general objective YIA – Prio – 62 is supported by the fact that a set of common activities, an exchange of ideas and proposals to improve their situation regarding the labor market, as well as an exchange of experience are proposed for the participants in Romania and Italy, one point of discussion being also that of the integration of young Romanian immigrants in the labor market in Italy, by promoting the concepts of tolerance and solidarity;
• the general objectives YIA – prio – 63 and YIA – prio – 65 by creating a partnership between 4 European promoters that will facilitate the mutual acquaintance of the youngsters in the two countries and will cooperate therefore in the field of supporting youth policies;
• the general objective YIA – prio – 64: the implementation of a model of intervention to support youngsters and of capacitating some organizations of the civil society that handle the problems of the youth, including for an informal group of youngsters.
The project also answers to the priorities of the Program Youth in Action as follows: the YIA – prio 2 and YIA – prio 4 are addressed, as it focuses on involving youngsters and on the problem of social inclusion.
Also, annual priorities are addressed:
– European citizenship and the right associated with it (YiA-Prio-528) – to stimulate the youngsters to reflect upon the essential characteristics of the European society and, moreover, to encourage them to play an active role in their communities. In order to feel European, the youngsters must become aware of the fact that they play a role in the construction of present-day and future Europe, in a European dimension, not only to “discover” Europe, but to have as purpose its construction.
• YIA prio – 520 by stimulating the creativity of the young population in the field of entrepreneurship and approaching the labor market in order to increase the chances of the youngsters (especially those with fewer opportunities) and facilitating the passage from school to active life
• YIA prio – 511 by increasing the chances of professional insertion of youngsters (especially those with fewer opportunities) in the labor market, by facilitating the integrating approach of communication techniques, searching for a place to work, knowing the institutional support system
• YIA prio – 517 by the thematic approach in the training, by the mentoring program and round tables that aim at making the youngsters become aware of the European needs and reflection themes: the fight against poverty and marginalization.

The project also answers to other priorities that are part of documents such as the European Platform for fighting against poverty and social exclusion, included in the European Strategy 2020 that signals the troubling trend of unemployment among the youngsters in the EU 27 space and proposes measures to support youngsters to obtain their first workplace. On April 28th 2012, the European Commission has presented new measures and has identified the main possibilities to rectify the EU work place generation, emphasizing the need to give a chance to youngsters in the present day labor market.
THE RESOLUTION OF THE COUNCIL REGARDING A RENEWED FRAMEWORK FOR EUROPEAN COOPERATION IN THE FIELD OF YOUTH (2010-2018) makes a series of recommendations in the section on occupying the workforce and entrepreneurship that the present project brings into effect: the stimulation of employment and mobility of youngsters, entrepreneurship, promoting professional opportunities.