afis YIW workshop 5-7 aprilie refacut_resizeDuring the period April 5th – April 7th 2014, within the Youth in Work project, a series of training sessions will take place.

The activity is part of a project carried out by the Social Development Center in partnership with the “Petre Andrei” Academic Foundation, INFOR Italy and the City Hall of San Secondo di Pinerolo (Torino), Italy. The project is financed by the European Union through the Youth in Action program. The project aims at approaching the concept of participative democracy through a program that involves youngsters in active debates regarding the situation of the young population in general in the labor market at the level of the European Union.

The topics approached during the training sessions:

*  Social politics for the employment of youngsters at the level of the European Union;

*  Developing the entrepreneurial abilities of youngsters;

*  Local policies to support youngsters;

*  Stimulating the entrepreneurial initiatives of disadvantages youngsters;

*  Employment opportunities in the European Union – the EPSO service;

ü  Creative and efficient communication techniques.

_MG_5510The project reflects the main needs of youngsters that face difficulties in the process of integration in the labor market, namely information about the existing integration possibilities, both at local and European level, and exchanges of information with other youngsters facing the same problems. The youngsters are also interested in expressing personal opinions about local policies in the field and in an active involvement in the social and political life.

_MG_5603The project supports the non-formal learning process through the participation in a 3-day training that has both an information transfer component as well as an ability and attitude development component. Also, the experience exchange will facilitate knowing the experiences of youngsters in a different socio-political and cultural space, which will favor once more the acquisition of knowledge in a non-formal model. This way, the project will create the personal development premises for youngsters through their active involvement in the training and tutoring activities, by improving their level of information, by offering the possibility to exchange information and express personal opinions about the phenomenon of employment and by fighting against the social exclusion of youngsters. The cultural and informational exchange between Romanian and Italian youngsters will also facilitate the personal and social development of all youngsters involved.

_MG_5418The training activity will include attractive and complementary methods for youngsters, for a period of 3 days, that will include presentations, as well as applied exercises on the chosen topics, debates on topics of common interest moderated by the members of the project team and a half-day session of visits at institutions and organizations, training session about efficient communication techniques, which will facilitate the dialogue with decision factors and practitioners in the field. At the training session there will be 14 youngsters from Romania and 4 youngsters from Italy.

At the end of the training session, a document consisting of proposals expressed by the youngsters regarding some useful actions to carry out in order to improve the situation of youngsters on the labor market will be written down.

_MG_5463The youngsters will be involved in all the development phases of the project, in preparing activities (by transmitting the agenda of the training session by mail, asking for possible improvement suggestions, posting on the website, actively participating in the tutoring activity), in the evolution of the activities (participating in the training session, participating in the experience exchange, in the round tables) as well as in evaluating the activities (evaluating the training sessions, evaluating the tutoring activity, evaluating the experience exchanges, evaluating the project at the end).

For additional information, you may consult the Internet page of The Social Development Center, Projects Section – or the Facebook page- or call the telephone number 0744 506013, e-mail